Do students need to be diagnosed dyslexic?

Do students need to be diagnosed dyslexic, or is a diagnosis of Specific Learning Disability just as good?

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  1. I believe as we work towards a more universal understanding of the characteristics of Dyslexia in the educational field and the implications these have on the student's ability to participate in learning opportunities in the educational setting, a diagnosis of Dyslexia is more helpful for advocacy purposes. Identification of Specific Learning Disability is a start but doesn't clarify the appropriate intervention qualities that are most beneficial for helping a student with Dyslexia learn to read and participate in the classroom setting. SLD is too broad of an identification to be used as a sole measure of need. Many view Dyslexia not as a disability but as a learning difference. The term SLD may also be seen as misleading and add to the difficulty many students experience with maintaining positive self-esteem, Dyslexia can be something to be proud of if it is identified and addressed appropriately.

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