Never too Early and Never Too Late: Identification and Intervention for Nebraska Students with Dyslexia
By: Teresa Franks
July 2021
Older Students with Dyslexia: Supporting Struggling Beyond the Primary Grades
By: Dr. Amanda Kern
July 2021

Follow the Science Wherever it Leads: Achieving Equitable Literacy Outcomes Through Evidence Based Instruction
Suruchi Keenheel
July 2021
Dyslexia: Know Your Rights
From the Fundamental Learning Center Video Series
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Rhea Hochstein from the Nebraska Department of Education explains what schools in Nebraska are doing for those who struggle to read and write (0-45 minutes).  Also listen to to Lisa Woodford, Life Coach explain what can be done to help with social and emotional difficulties (45-1:30).  After Lisa, listen in to Elijah share his experience with dyslexia. These presentations were given at the NDA 2019 Fall Celebration.
Dr. Pam Bazis shared this presentation with NDA at their 2017 Fall Celebration.
Striving for Student Success: How and Why Orton-Gillingham based Multisensory Language Teaching Methods can work for children with dyslexia and reading difficulties.
This video from The Nebraska Department of Education will give you a better understanding of Structured Literacy.
Parent Workshop - Part 1
Learn about Nebraska legislation and the Student Assistance Team process.  
Parent Workshop - Part 2
Learn about assessment, verification, MTSS, and 504 plans.