Our Mission:

  • To improve educational opportunities for students with reading, writing and spelling difficulties.
  • To promote education of teachers in research-based approaches to reading instruction and work with teacher education providers to require research-based training for teacher certification.
  •  To provide information and support to individuals and families with reading problems.

Professional Members & Tutors

Whether you are looking for a professional to connect with, or a tutor for your child, click “Read More” to access our list of professional members and tutors.

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Summer Teacher Training 

Check out our summer training options.  Get college credit courses through UNL or Peru.  Click “Read More” to check out all the choices for structured literacy or code-based instruction. 

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Summer Camps for Kids

Don’t let your child get that summer slide.  Classes are available through Fixlexia, Simplistic Solutions, Phoenix Academy, and other individual tutors.  Click “Read More” to check out your options.

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NDA News

Discover the latest news and activities. 

  • June 27th - Adults with Dyslexia Connect.  Click “Read More” to get the details.  
  • “Unraveling the Myths Around Reading and Dyslexia” by Holly Korbey.  May 21, 2019 at edutopia.org.
  • NEW - Dyslexia Guidance for Nebraska School Psychologists - Under our “Educators” tab.
  • June 26th Webinar - Dyslexia and Speech Language, and Communication Needs: Understanding the Links

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