Our Mission:

  • To improve educational opportunities for students with reading, writing and spelling difficulties.
  • To promote education of teachers in research-based approaches to reading instruction and work with teacher education providers to require research-based training for teacher certification.
  •  To provide information and support to individuals and families with reading problems.


We are happy to have you here!  Click below to see the agenda for A Day with Dr. David Kilpatrick.  

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Fact Sheets for Teachers  

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Kilpatrick Conference Information

Find updated information on the conference.

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Fact Sheets For Parents

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Professional Members & Tutors

Whether you are looking for a professional to connect with, or a tutor for your child, click “Read More” to access our list of professional members and tutors.

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Fall Celebration

Rhea Hochstein from the Nebraska Department of Education explains what schools in Nebraska are doing for those who struggle to read and write (0-45 minutes).  Also listen to to Lisa Woodford, Life Coach explain what can be done to help with social and emotional difficulties (45-1:30).  After Lisa, listen in to Elijah share his experience with dyslexia.

Structured Literacy

This video by the Nebraska Department of Education will give you an overview of structured literacy.

Parent Workshop

Part 1 - Learn about Nebraska legislation and the Student Assistance Team process.  

Part 2 - Learn about assessment, verification, MTSS, and 504 plans.